About Us

Why The Earth Store?

This is a question you may be asking yourself as you see this page, and here's the simple answer to your question

I started The Earth Store with the idea of creating a platform that would provide quality renewable goods at affordable prices while giving back a portion of those profits to organizations that fight climate change. It's a one-two punch strategy for environmental conservation.

The Earth Store has two funds to combat climate change. The first fund covers the environmental toll of shipping which allows us to be proudly carbon-neutral. Our second fund goes to planting trees which will help reverse the effects of climate change.

We donate 5% of each purchase to the Eden Reforestation Projects which plants trees around the world. A 2-pack toothbrush purchase will raise enough money for nearly three trees to be planted while a 4-pack purchase will raise enough money for four trees to be planted.

Currently, we're starting as small as you can get: a single product type. For the time, The Earth Store only provides bamboo toothbrushes, but other renewable products will be added to the catalog shortly.

I hope that next time you consider making a purchase online, you'll remember The Earth Store!

- Founder, Simon Hoffman -


About the Founder

Simon Hoffman is a student at Baruch College in New York City studying for a BBA in Finance. He's been passionate about studying businesses and how they operate for many years now. He founded The Earth Store with the goal of creating a business that can battle climate change and spread awareness of the issue.

For more information on Simon Hoffman and The Earth Store, visit his blog, 2 Hoffman Avenue.