What is The Earth Store?

We provide carbon-neutral shipping for quality bamboo toothbrushes at affordable prices while helping fund environmental organizations that battle climate change.

Is everything eco-friendly?

Yes, our bamboo toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable, shipping packages are fully recyclable, and our shipping is carbon-neutral.

How do your donations work?

We donate 5% of each purchase to the Eden Reforestation Projects which plants trees around the world. A 2-pack toothbrush purchase will raise enough money for nearly three trees to be planted while a 4-pack purchase will raise enough money for four trees to be planted.

Will I be given a tracking number?

Yes, tracking numbers will be emailed to you upon purchase.

How are the products shipped?

Products are shipped in 100% recyclable padded mailers through USPS.

How long will shipping take?

You can expect roughly two days for a delivery.

If my product is damaged will I get a refund?

Yes, a full refund will be provided for damaged products.

Where can I learn more information?

You can look into our Terms of Service, Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy to find an answer to most questions